Our Banquets

Captivate your imagination with exclusive banqueting options for all your Events!
Leaving behind the maddening crowd, come up with the people you love, to a place that combines the royalty with the soft touches of the cosmopolitan luxury. The Grand welcomes you to the warm generosity of a Mughal-styled rambling space with its three majestic halls named Jodha, Akhbar & Birbal that offers you grand weddingcelebrations, indulging exhibitions, parties, get-togethers, seminars, corporate meetings, music shows, religiousfunctions and much more…the very way you desire.

Timeless hospitality, striking grand luxury and personalized service blend effortlessly to give you a perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration at “Jodha” Banquet hall. A plush extensive hall spread over 8400 sq.ft., it is facilitated to hold up to 750-1000 guests to brighten up the gala celebrations. With its regal décor, spectacular Mughal architecture, abundant natural lighting and panaromic view of lush green surroundings, this hall stands tall to be favourite venue for myriad occasions.

We also offer a space of 2500 sq. ft. as big as your business plans, named “Birbal”. This conference room meets all conferencing, seating, training, Tele-conferencing and video conferencing needs, so that effective meetings can be carried at any time efficiently. Whether you are presenting to your largest client or holding off-site company meetings, these conference room provides the ideal professional environment.

Walk into an 8400 sq.ft. of architectural masterpiece that is rich in texture and opulent in furnishings. Have an intimate celebration where a gathering of 750 to 1000 guests can soak in experiences that resound with memories, luxuries and extravagances of bygone era.

To meet the requirements of a bigger gathering, Akbar and Jodha can be opened out to form a colossal hall of about 22,000 square feet, with spacious room to comfortably hold over 2000 guests.